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The project “Open doors- access to innovative social services for institutionalized elders” is developed by Fluens Association in partnership with DGASPC sector 1, DGASMB and Norway Moreno Institute. The project is  financed from the EEA Grants 2009, 2014, within the ONG Fund in Romania.For official information on the EEA and Norway grants visit www.eeagrants.orgThe contents of this website page do not necessarily reflect the official position of the EEA grants 2009 – 2014. The entire responsibility for the correctness and coherence of the information presented belongs to the website’s owners.

The project aims to increase access to quality social services, with a strong innovative character for 200 institutionalized elders from six centers of DGASPC 1 in high risk of social exclusion. The project focuses on revival of Reminiscence rooms within the 6 centers and providing social service successfully applied in different European countries. In the centers will be provided psychotherapy services using Reminiscent techniques; the Norwegian partner provides expertise in this area. Other services will focus on socialization, access to medical services and an innovative approach for acquiring the skills to use communication technologies. Another target group comprises 50 persons involved in care services for elders, that will benefit of workshops aiming to develop communication skill and psychological support groups for employees involved in palliative care.

Norway Moreno Institute is a Norwegian training institute specialized in Psychodrama; the experts from Moreno Institute shared their important experience in working with elders with dementia in 2 workshops, attended by 70 Romanian specialists (psychoterapeuts, psychologists, medical and social workers.)


The main results of the project:

  • 6  reminiscence rooms  reopened in elders Centers Straulesti ,  Odai,  St. Helena,  St. Basil and Complex of medical and social services of Bucharest (Centre St. Luke)
  • 200 institutionalized elderly, beneficiaries of counseling, therapy, socialization, medical support
  • Over 300 therapeutic groups and hundreds of individual psychological counseling organized within the project
  • Over 80 socialization events, from which around 20 trips, outings in parks or restaurants, attending cultural events, etc. Among the most important trips were those from Targoviste, Busteni, Constanta,  from the monasteries  Dealu Snagov, Cozia, Turnu, Ghighiu, Tiganesti, Pasarea, Caraiman.
  •  A very special event was „Senior Prom” organized at “Cafeneaua Actorilor” from Tineretului Park, involving 40 elders
  • – Over 70 technological workshops for elders in order to use the  mobile phone, computer, camera, and also creative workshops (painting, production of decorative objects, knitting, etc).
  • 65 people received  glasses paid by  Fluens Association
  • 30 people received dental examinations and osteoporosis testing
  • Creating a network of over 50 volunteers, of which around 15 are psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Establishing partnerships and collaborations with new institutions in order to replicate  project results: the Complex of medical and social services Caraiman,  DGASPC 6,  The Princess Margaret Foundation,  Rosen House, Heart to Heart Foundation. Other collaborations that we intend to develop further in order to replicate the project results and creating a network of reminiscences are Romanian Alzheimer Society Foundation,  Ana Aslan Foundation  (present at conferences on the project) and Geron Foundation.
  • The participation of 50 people involved in working with the elderly in support groups and formative workshops
  • Organizing two workshops for transfer of experience from the Norwegian partner in the project, Norway Moreno Institute; 70 specialists benefited of these workshops; organizing an additionally workshop supported by a Dutch specialist in the field of Therapeutic Clowning (method miMakkus)
  • Publishing The Guide of Working in Reminiscences Rooms, which was distributed to public and private institutions working with institutionalized elderly

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